Pably and Me!   Pably y Yo!
By Maggie & Roberto Bermudez


Maggie Meza-Bermudez & Roberto L. Bermudez

My name is Maggie Meza-Bermudez and this is my husband Roberto Bermudez.
The idea of writing has existed in our minds for a very long time, but the timing was not right until now.
We are delighted to bring to you the fun family stories of Pably & Me / Pably y Yo. 
Pably & Me / Pably y Yo are stories based on my family's life.  My Father Mr. Alby was a widower left with 9 children to raise. He managed to make life fun, adventurous, and most importantly loving.  In the stories of Pably & Me / Pably y Yo, Mr. Alby gives the big responsibility of taking care of the family's youngest child  "Pably"  to the youngest girl Magy.  Magy is very happy to be the one in charge of Pably but she is a very busy young girl with many things to do, and always needs help with Pably.  Magy takes Pably to many fun adventures but always with the help of her siblings, teachers or the people of the town where they live.
My formal education is in Fashion Design, however currently, I am the Director of Design and Development in the toy industry.  My husband Roberto is an executive in the wine and spirits industry with formal education in Law. 
Both Roberto and I are very happy to be able to bring these fun loving stories to you and your family. 
Sending you much LOVE,
Roberto & Maggie Bermudez